The role of PI

In Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT, Polish Center for Technology Development,  scientists work in three research centres: Materials Science and Engineering, Life Sciences and Biotechnology, and Population Diagnostics. In each of them, operating research groups are led by Principal Investigators – PIs. Research Group Leader position is one of the most prestigious and highest-ranking ones in the Institute. The Research Group Leader shall be a person selected by means of a call for proposals. The aim of the PI is to create a research group and to carry out innovative scientific projects and deliver IP with high commercialisation potential.

The overall responsibility of the Research Group Leader includes:

  • Creating ground-breaking scientific concepts, acquiring R&D projects and research contracts
  • Setting up a research group, nurturing the scientific development of its members and acting as a scientific mentor.
  • Maintaining contacts with scientific and industrial partners for the implementation of joint ventures.