The Biobank Research Group is led by principal investigator Patrycja Gazinska PhD. The group’s main research profile concerns translational research using molecular and computational pathology, with a focus on understanding how tumour microenvironment features predict clinical and biological aspects of disease. The current research program, in head and neck cancer and its radio resistance, has been developed in close collaboration with Poznan University of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznan. The Biobank Research Group has a close research collaboration in breast cancer with Kings’ College in London KCL, the Institute of Cancer Research ICR and Royal Marsden Hospital (RMH), UK. More recently, the Group joined the Horizon Europe grant EUCAIM “EUropean Federation for CAncer Images”, an EU-funded project which aims to build a secure, large-scale European cancer imaging platform with capabilities that will advance the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in oncology.

The Biobank Research Group is one of the few groups in Poland with a Biobank Unit within its structure. Biobank PORT is part of the consortium and has a well-established tradition of biobanking. It operates on the basis of the highest international standards and norms, conducting population and specialist biobanking. It has an experienced team of specialists in the field of biobanking, biotechnology, medical analytics, histopathology and management, which can be enlarged depending on project requirements. Biobank PORT has implemented a quality management system based on ISO 20387:2018 and “Quality standards for Polish biobanks v.2”, which is subject to regular internal audits.

Patrycja Gazinska, Ph.D. – Principal Investigator

Magdalena Grodecka, Ph.D. – Biobank Manager for diagnostics and biobanking

Natalia Łabędź, M.Sc. – Research Histopathology Specialist, (Ph.D. student)

Agata Bilmin, M.Sc. – Diagnostic and Biobanking Specialist, Laboratory Diagnostician

Marta Tyrlik, M.Sc. – Diagnostic and Biobanking Specialist, Laboratory Diagnostician

Artur Nieszporek, M.Sc. – Specialist in in-vitro models and biobanking

Anna Pisarska, M.Sc. – Biobank Operational Support Specialist

Patrycja Gazinska has publications in journals such as: Nat Med., Cancer Cell, Ann Oncol., Nat Commun., Cancer Discov., Cancer Res., J. Clin. Oncology, Mod Pathol., J. Pathol. etc. In total, published work has been cited >2K times, resulting in an h-index of 23. Full list: Gazinska P – Search Results – PubMed (

Chosen publications

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  2. Gazinska P, Grigoriadis A, Brown JP, Millis RR, Mera A, Gillett CE, Holmberg LH, Tutt AN, Pinder SE. Comparison of basal-like triple-negative breast cancer defined by morphology, immunohistochemistry and transcriptional profiles. Mod Pathol. 2013 Jul;26(7):955-66. doi: 10.1038/modpathol.2012.244. Epub 2013 Feb 8. PMID: 23392436.
  3. Grigoriadis A*, Gazinska P*, Pai T, Irhsad S, Wu Y, Millis R, Naidoo K, Owen J, Gillett CE, Tutt A, Coolen AC, Pinder SE. Histological scoring of immune and stromal features in breast and axillary lymph nodes is prognostic for distant metastasis in lymph node-positive breast cancers. J Pathol Clin Res. 2018 Jan 8;4(1):39-54. doi: 10.1002/cjp2.87. PMID: 29416876; PMCID: PMC5783956. (* contributed equally)
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