Privacy Policy of the institute Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Centre for Technology Development (hereinafter referred to as “Łukasiewicz – PORT”)


In compliance with the adopted practice of the majority of websites, Łukasiewicz – PORT stores HTTP requests addressed at our server. Viewed resources are identified by URL addresses.

The most important cookies, which can be used by our website:

  • cookies of sessions for logged-in users,
  • cookies storing information about the language,
  • cookies from the external tool Google Analytics (,
  • cookies storing information on closing the window with the information about cookies (installed plug-in),
  • cookies storing information concerning the possibility of printing articles (websites) via the PrintFriendly plug-in.

The mechanism of cookies is not used to obtain any information on website users or to track their navigation. Cookies used on Łukasiewicz – PORT websites do not store any personal data or other information collected from users.

This data is not associated with any specific persons viewing Łukasiewicz – PORT websites. In order to ensure the highest quality of the website we analyse files with logs in order to specify: which websites are visited the most often, which search engines are used, if the website structure contains any errors etc.

Collected logs are stored for an unspecified period of time as an auxiliary material for administering the website. Information included therein is not disclosed to anyone apart from persons authorised to administer the website and Łukasiewicz – PORT network. On the grounds of log files, statistics can be generated that provide assistance in administration. Collective summaries in the form of such statistics do not include any features identifying persons visiting the website.

Each User can turn off “cookies” in the search engine of their terminal equipment. However, the operator indicates that turning “cookies” off can cause hindrances or prevent from using the system.

Łukasiewicz – PORT is not liable for the privacy policy and the policy of collecting cookies of websites to which links from this website connect.

Personal data protection

Your personal data is controlled by Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Centre for Technology Development (hereinafter: “the Institute”), with its registered office in Wrocław, operating in the form of an institute constituting a part of the Łukasiewicz Research Network, which is the public legal person and has legal personality, acting on the grounds of entry in the National Court Register with number 0000850580, TIN: 894 314 05 23.

The Controller appointed the Data Protection Inspector (contact data indicated in the tab “CONTACT”). It is a person responsible for contact in all matters concerning personal data processing and exercising rights related to data processing. The Inspector should be contacted via email: or in writing, to the address of the registered office of the Administrator (ul. Stabłowicka 147, 54-066 Wrocław).

The purposes of processing your personal data are the following:

  • communication and replying to messages – the grounds for personal data processing constitute the justified interest of the data controller or a third party – marketing activities or replies to sent messages;
  • conclusion and performance of business agreements – the grounds of processing constitute the necessity to conclude an agreement (Article 6 par. 1 letter b);
  • direct marketing of Controller’s products and services – until objection against data processing to this end or withdrawal of the consent – the grounds of processing constitute the consent or justified interest of the Controller;
  • fulfilment of legal obligations imposed on Łukasiewicz – PORT (Article 6 par. 1 letter c of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, the so-called general data protection regulation, hereinafter: the GDPR);
  • possible determination, seeking or defending claims between you and Łukasiewicz – PORT, which constitutes a legally justified interest of Łukasiewicz – PORT pursuant to Article 6 par. 1 letter f of the GDPR.

Giving personal data is voluntary, however, it may turn out to be necessary e.g. to conclude or perform the agreement or in order to reply to the request, or in order to keep correspondence.

Giving consent to personal data processing in the aforementioned scope is voluntary. Not giving consent cannot constitute grounds for your unfavourable treatment, as well as cannot cause any negative consequences for you.

Your personal data can be disclosed to:

  • entities providing services to the benefit of Łukasiewicz – PORT including IT, HR, accounting, transport, courier, mail, maintenance, agency, training and counselling services;
  • research partners, customers and contractors of Łukasiewicz – PORT;
  • entities authorised to receive it on the grounds of provisions of the binding law.

Your personal data shall be stored respectively for the duration of agreements, conducting communication and marketing activities, limitation of claims and defence of the rights of Łukasiewicz – PORT.

Łukasiewicz – PORT can store personal data for a period longer than the one indicated in the previous sentence only if it results from the obligation imposed on Łukasiewicz – PORT under provisions of the universally binding law.

Within the boundaries specified by the legal provisions, you are vested with the right to demand:

  • access to the contents of your personal data;
  • rectification thereof;
  • erasure thereof;
  • limitation of processing thereof;
  • transferring data in a structured, universally used, machine-readable IT format. You can send this data to other data controller or demand Łukasiewicz – PORT to send it to other controller. However, Łukasiewicz – PORT shall do so, only if sending such data is technically possible. The right to transfer personal data is vested in you only with regard to data processed by Łukasiewicz – PORT on the grounds of the agreement concluded with you or on the grounds of your consent;
  • object processing personal data on the grounds of the legally justified interest of Łukasiewicz – PORT.

In the case of processing personal data on the grounds of your consent, you can withdraw the consent at any time without impact on the compliance with the law of the processing conducted on the grounds of such a consent before withdrawal thereof.

The aforementioned rights can be exercised by indicating own demands and forwarding them to the e-mail address:

Moreover, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection in case you consider that processing your personal data by Łukasiewicz – PORT infringes provisions of the GDPR.

In the case of amending the binding privacy policy, relevant modifications shall be introduced to the above provision.