Recruitment process course

The recruitment process is conducted in stages, which allows the Candidate to be thoroughly acquainted with the expectations of the proposed position and allow us the opportunity to employ the Best of the Best. At each stage of recruitment, we check the knowledge, experience, personality predispositions, and motivation of the Candidates. Depending on the position you are applying for, you can expect a more or less extensive recruitment process. We are an organization honored by the European Commission with the prestigious HR Excellence in Research logo, therefore, when recruiting academic staff, we follow the rules contained in the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.



Recruitment advertisements are published on popular internet portals (including specialist ones, dedicated to people from the world of science) and on our website in the CAREER tab. Please send your CV and cover letter electronically to the address indicated in the advertisement.


Candidates’ application documents are selected in terms of the requirements necessary for a given position. We only contact selected persons who are best suited to the expected profile.


A telephone conversation is a stage that we include in some recruitment processes and which aims to check the most important criteria in the context of work at a given position.


The interview is the best opportunity to learn more about the Candidates’ experience and to assess their key competencies. Conversations with Candidates are carried out by recruitment committees, which include: an employee of the HR department, a supervisor of a future employee, and other specialists who can reliably and expertly assess the candidate’s knowledge and competencies. During a meeting, which usually lasts up to 60 minutes, we talk about experience, education and check the substantive knowledge. We also verify the features and predispositions, both in terms of matching the job and the team. In addition to the interview, we often also use other, additional recruitment methods, eg tasks, work samples, or tests. We care about the conversations to be conducted in a friendly and non-stressful atmosphere. For the convenience of our Candidates, sometimes meetings take place in the form of videoconferences or teleconferences.


Each person who took part in the interview receives feedback from us regardless of whether the outcome of the conversation is positive or not. We provide feedback after completing the recruitment process by phone or email.


The final stage of the choice and selection of employees is their adaptation. The first days in a new job for many people can be stressful and difficult, so we try to provide our employees with support and help in understanding our company and its rules.