Center for Population Diagnostics

Łukasiewicz – PORT Center for Population Diagnostics is the first center of its kind in Poland. It aims to research in the field of modern diagnostic methods for many infectious and civilization diseases.

The Center for Population Diagnostics will significantly contribute to increasing the biomedical safety of society. Research on pathogens causing infectious diseases (e.g. SARS-CoV-2, AH1N1, SARS) will enable immediate action in the event of an epidemiological threat. The center will include the BSL-3 standard epidemiological rapid response laboratory – the first in western Poland and one of only a few in the whole country. It will be characterized by one of the highest classes of biosafety, giving the possibility to work with microorganisms from various risk groups.

The area of ​​interest of the Population Diagnostics Center also includes civilization diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

We are curious about how the virus-host interaction evolves. We attempt to answer this big question using high-throughput and quantitative approaches and bioinformatics to dissect the molecular basis involved in their relationships. In principle, our studies focus on understanding… Read more >

The Group unique feature is broad interaction with commercial partners, biotech and pharma companies on the basis of applied sciences and projects. We support our partners in the development of new ideas and products in the field of biotechnology.  Read more >