1.5% of tax: Let’s support education!

Support the popularization of science and the education of children and youth – donate 1.5% of your tax to the Polish Center for Technology Development Foundation!

The Polish Center for Technology Development Foundation has been operating at Łukasiewicz – PORT since 2019. Its main goals include the popularization of science among children and youth. The Foundation, in cooperation with the Łukasiewicz – PORT institute, offers attractive, out-of-school forms of education. The workshops, which take place in the Łukasiewicz – PORT laboratories, allow participants to gain knowledge through experience, learn and explore new technologies. In 2022, the Foundation obtained the status of a Public Benefit Organization. By donating 1.5% of the tax for its statutory activities, you can support i.a. development of educational programs.

Thanks to the cooperation between the PORT Foundation and the OSRAM company, a professional educational laboratory arose at the Łukasiewicz – PORT Institute. It enables holding classes in the field of photonics and material chemistry for high school students. These workshops are a perfect opportunity for young people to gain knowledge and valuable experiences and get acquainted with scientific work and the research process.

The Foundation also contributes to the PORT Technological Education Center – Gardens of Experiences in the realization of educational workshops for preschool children and primary and secondary school students. Their main themes are chemistry, physics, biology, and ecology. Last year, nearly 140 hours of classes were conducted in the Gardens of Experiences, attended by 1.5 thousand participants from 35 educational institutions. In 2023, the Łukasiewicz – PORT education center is developing its activities, offering a new program of workshops that will reveal the fascinating world of science to the participants.

The Foundation’s activity extends beyond the area of Wrocław. Thanks to the agreements concluded with the local governments of the Średzki, Wołowski, and Trzebnicki districts, the educational offer of Łukasiewicz – PORT is also available to students from these regions. They can participate in the programs of the PORT Technological Education Center – Gardens of Experience and learn through experience in the modern laboratories of our Institute.

We encourage you to contribute to the activities of the Foundation and the development of valuable educational programs by donating 1.5% of your tax when submitting your annual tax return.

Fundacja Polskiego Ośrodka Rozwoju Technologii (Polish Center for Technology Development Foundation)
147 Stabłowicka Street
54-066 Wroclaw
KRS (National Court Register) number: 0000787023