Join us for educational workshops! New offer starts in March

Registration for educational workshops conducted by the Gardens of Experiences team from March to June 2024 has begun. The latest offer addressed to organized groups includes six workshops to choose from. Each one is memorable and can become an incentive to further explore the secrets of knowledge about the world.

Colors dominate the latest offer of Gardens of Experiences. All thanks to the workshops titled: “Colorful experiments”, “What shall swim, shall not down” and “Getting to know the pH”, during which participants can learn, among others, whether color can be separated and how the environment affects the color of household substances.

Physics enthusiasts will be in their element at the workshops titled: “Hardness scale” and “Amazing weather”, while for people who love getting to the essence of things, Gardens of Experiences has prepared classes “See the DNA”.

The project is subsidized by state budget funds granted by the Minister of Education and Science within the framework of the “Social Responsibility of Science II” program.

How long do classes last?

From 60 to 240 minutes, depending on the topic of the workshop.

Who can take part in the workshops?

Children from 5 years of age.

The classes are intended for groups of various age categories (preschoolers, grades I-III, grades IV-VIII, high school students).

How can you sign up for classes?

Through the form available on the website in the “Reservation” tab.

More information about the offer:

We invite you to sign up!