Molecular Neurobiology Research Group

The group works at the interface of brain Aging and virology research. Using advanced techniques, our aim is to examine the impacts of neurotropic viral infections on cellular aging processes. Specifically, we investigate a phenomenon named virus-induced senescence. One of the key aspects of our study is testing special therapeutic interventions known as senolytics. These drugs selectively eliminate senescent cells, which are known to contribute to the aging process, eliciting chronic inflammation and tissue damage. By targeting these cells, we study the impact of senolytic treatments in reducing the harmful effects of virus-induced accelerated brain aging. Our research explores the effectiveness of other known treatments for aging and new therapies that target harmful processes contributing to brain aging. Through state-of-the-art methodologies, we seek to develop new therapies for conditions linked to accelerated brain aging caused by viruses with the capacity to propagate across the central nervous system.