Advanced Semiconductor Epitaxy Group

Epitaxy of group-III nitrides and their alloys. Focused on deep UV-emitter based on AlGaN and AlGaN/GaN electronic devices (HEMT).


Information/contact to the Leaders

Prof. Detlef Hommel, Ph.D., Senior Leader

Scientific degrees and titles:

1975   M.Sc. – Physics Dept. University of Warsaw (Poland)

1979   Ph.D. – Physics Dept. University of Warsaw

1989   Habilitation (Dr. sc. nat.) – Humboldt-University Berlin (GDR)

1994   University Professor (C4) – University of Bremen

2014   Leopoldyna Professor – Wroclaw University (Poland)

2016   Full Professor nominated by the Polish President

2018   Ordinary Professor – Wroclaw University


1979 – 1991  Central Institute of Electron Physics, Academy of Science, Berlin

1991 – 1994  Würzburg University, Dept. Exp. Physics III

1994 – 2014  University of Bremen, Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Head of Semiconductor Epitaxy

2014 –  present,  Wroclaw University, Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Professor

2010 – present, Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+/ Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center of Technology Development


1997   Visiting Professor at Yamaguchi University (Japan)

2000   Visiting Professor at Chiba University (Japan)

2003 – 2009  Speaker of the DFG Research Group “Physics of nitride-based, nanostructured, light-emitting devices”, involving 6 professorial groups

2008 – 2011   Vice-director of the Virtual Institute “PINCH-Photonics” in frame of Helmholtz-Society at Research Center (FZ) Karlsruhe (Germany)

Chairman of important international conferences like:

– International II-VI Conference, Bremen, 2001

– International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors, Bremen, 2005

– International Workshop in Nitrides, Wroclaw, 2014

– Supervisor of 33 PhD (including 5 PhD currently) and over 40 M. Sc.

– author/co-author of over 650 scientific publications in international journals with more then 8.000 citations (excluding self-citations)


2006 – 2009   Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow of the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)

2014 – present, Member of the Academia Europaea

2019 – present, Chairman of the PORT Foundation


Ph.D., Robert Kudrawiec, Leader



Ph.D. Damian Pucicki (Łukasiewicz – PORT, Wrocław University of Science and Technology), head of epitaxy laboratory

Ph.D. Miłosz Grodzicki (Łukasiewicz – PORT, University of Wrocław), specialist of surface studies

Ph.D. Jarosław Serafińczuk (Łukasiewicz – PORT, Wrocław University of Science and Technology), high-resolution x-ray diffraction

Ph.D. Łukasz Janicki (Łukasiewicz – PORT), MBE-growth and optical characterization

M.Sc. Paulina Ciechanowicz, MBE-growth

M.Sc. Katarzyna Opolczyńska, processing of semiconductor structures

M.Sc. Karolina Moszak, MOVPE-growth

M.Sc. Wojciech Olszewski, MOVPE- and MBE-growth

M.Sc. Dominika Majchrzak, MBE-growth and surface studies

M.Sc. Anata Mgłosiek, technical support

Epitaxy and processing of wide bandgap semiconductors and their heterostructures.

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) cluster with two growth chambers and an interconnected analytical chamber equipped with XPS, UPS, AFM, and STM for in-situ measurements.

Metalorganic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) close showerhead reactor.

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