Biobank and the Institute of Human Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences together for RCMC

Obtaining funding from the Polish Medical Research Agency (ABM) as part of the Regional Centers for Digital Medicine (RCMC) project allowed for the creation of a new platform for cooperation between the Biobank Research Group and the Institute of Human Genetics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań.

The leader of the Biobank Research Group is Dr. Patrycja Gazińska, who conducts research on breast cancer in the area of digital, experimental and molecular pathology. She worked for many years in renowned foreign institutions, such as King’s College London, The Institute of Cancer Research and AstraZeneca in the UK.

Prof. Ewa Strauss, IGC PAN, conducts research on the genetic basis of cardiovascular diseases and in the field of neonatal genetics and pediatric oncology. She is the winner of prestigious awards in the field of the genetic basis of abdominal aortic aneurysms, as well as the winner of Polish and European grants under the Horizon Europe programme (NetZeroAICT). The current collaboration within the RCMC specializing in Comprehensive Phenotyping of Civilization Diseases will concern a broad research program using artificial intelligence to evaluate the results of histopathological tests and omics data derived from human genome sequencing and microbiota. The research topics focus on cardiovascular diseases and morbid obesity.

The Biobank Łukasiewicz – PORT has one of the largest collections of biological material in Poland from the healthy population and those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, while the expertise of Prof. Strauss will enable comprehensive use of these resources for scientific research. New IT tools will be developed to assist clinicians in interpreting genomic sequencing results. Cooperation with IGC PAN will enrich the portfolio of the Łukasiewicz – PORT Biobank with expertise in the field of human genetics and its use in the study of population diseases. Łukasiewicz – PORT’s contribution to the project will be the support of the IGC PAN in the creation of a new biobank, thanks to which the national collections will be expanded with the new ones.

We wish Dr. Patrycja Gazińska and Prof. Ewa Strauss, fruitful cooperation!