New space for science

New laboratories, a Technology Incubator for start-ups, a space for the Technology Education Center… These, among others, development plans for the coming years have the scientific and research institute Łukasiewicz – PORT in Wrocław. Their implementation will be possible thanks to the extension of the seat of the center by new buildings of the Pracze Campus. Today, an agreement was signed to equip the Institute.

The agreement on equipping the Institute was signed on April 4, 2022, in Wrocław by the Deputy Minister of Development and Technology Mariusz Jerzy Golecki and the director of Łukasiewicz – PORT, Andrzej Dybczyński. The ceremony was also attended by Wojciech Murdzek, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Jacek Sutryk, President of Wrocław, and Piotr Dardziński, President of the Łukasiewicz Research Network.

See the video from the event:

The signing of the agreement on retrofitting the Institute means the reintegration of the Pracze Campus. Until now, Łukasiewicz – PORT occupied part of its area and buildings, but the rest was the property of the City of Wrocław. Efforts to acquire the entire Campus Łukasiewicz – PORT started in 2018. The finalization of this process was possible thanks to the efficient cooperation of government institutions and the authorities of Wrocław.

The Pracze Campus, which is the seat of Łukasiewicz – PORT, is a complex of historic buildings erected in 1899-1913 according to the design of Richard Plüdemann. At that time, it functioned as a municipal nursing home. Today, the brick buildings of the Campus hide modern laboratories equipped with world-class apparatus, which makes Łukasiewicz – PORT one of the best-equipped scientific and research units in the country. The development of the Institute, the creation of new research teams and laboratories, and the implementation of ambitious projects for the benefit of science and its cooperation with business, however, require more and more space.

In the buildings newly acquired by the Institute, the Technology Incubator for start-ups will arise, among others. It will be a place for young companies, lets them use the advanced research equipment of Łukasiewicz – PORT and the support of experts from the Institute in establishing cooperation with huge concerns. The Technological Education Center, which organizes educational projects targeted at children and adolescents, will also be expanded.

The campus reintegration is not only the chance for the Łukasiewicz – PORT Institute, which will gain new spaces for science and innovation, but also the historical architecture. So far, only part of the historic buildings and the surrounding area have been renovated. The rest are currently in poor technical condition. Restoring them to the splendor and adapting to new functions will be a long, complicated and costly process, the implementation of which will take many years.

After signing the contract for retrofitting, the Łukasiewicz – PORT gained over 4 ha of land and facilities with nearly 21 thousand square meters​​. Now, the Institute covers approximately 12 hectares, and the area of ​​the buildings is about 50 thousand square meters.

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