Third WIB competition: recruitment of experts started

Łukasiewicz – PORT invites experts in medical biotechnology to cooperate within the WIB program. Recruitment of experts just started for the international panel, which will conduct a substantive evaluation of the applications submitted in the second WIB competition.

On August 4, supplementary recruitment for experts in two fields related to medical biotechnology. Their task will be to evaluate research projects in their scientific and socio-economic value (including commercialization potential). The experts will be responsible for the periodic scientific appreciation of the conducted research tasks and their final evaluation. Recruitment of experts lasts from August 4 to September 30, 2023.

The third WIB competition was announced on July 10, 2023. In the first two competitions, research teams specializing in medical biotechnology with applications in oncology could apply for research funding. In the third competition, this area has been extended, thanks to which scientists representing all areas of medical biotechnology with therapeutic applications can submit applications.

We invite you to participate in the program that supports the best Polish scientists researching new therapies!

The announcement, detailed documentation, regulations, and contract template are available on the WIB website.

Łukasiewicz – PORT is the Managing Entity of the WIB program.