Third WIB competition: the call for applications ended

Five applications for a total amount of over PLN 223 million were received by Łukasiewicz – PORT as part of the third Virtual Research Institute (WIB) call.

The call for proposals for the third WIB competition lasted from October 2-13, 2023. Teams of scientists employed in Polish scientific and research units could participate in it. As part of the competition, five applications were received, with a total value of over PLN 223 million. Scientists from 14 scientific and research units from all over Poland were involved in their preparation.

The application evaluation procedure, which has already started, will consist of several stages. The submitted projects will first be subject to formal verification. Then, an international group of experts will analyze them in terms of content, both in terms of science and business. The commercialization potential of the assumed research results (innovative technologies, drugs, and therapies), which can be implemented into production and contribute to the development of Polish science.

The results of the third Virtual Research Institute call are scheduled to be announced in March 2024.

The bar in the competition is set high. In previous calls, only one research team has been selected, led by Prof. Dr. Andrzej Dziembowski, which is carrying out a project entitled “Horizon of Excellence in Matrix RNA applications in immunoOncology [HERO]”. The HERO project received the highest rating from experts due to the combination of high scientific value and high commercialization potential of the expected results. More information about the WIB programme can be found at