Autumn scientific conferences in Łukasiewicz – PORT

September and October will pass in Łukasiewicz – PORT under the sign of international scientific conferences. The Wrocław Institute invites you to three events: one dedicated to neurosciences and two devoted to bioinformatics.

Every year, Łukasiewicz – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development in Wrocław invites you to scientific conferences, which are excellent an opportunity to listen to lectures by international experts, and meet, discuss, and establish cooperation between research units and industry.

PORT for Health: Neuroscience 2023 / 4-6.09.2023

The PORT for Health Neuroscience 2023 conference is the third edition of PORT for Health, i.e., annual meetings organized by the Center for Life Sciences and Biotechnology at the Łukasiewicz Institute in Wrocław. For the second time, it will be devoted to brain diseases. The conference will take place on September 4-6, 2023, in a hybrid format (in-person or online participation is possible).

The event will focus on tools for better understanding brain diseases. Participants will be able to listen to over 20 lectures presenting the latest research results and achievements in the use of cellular and animal models, as well as the application of computational methods in research on neuropsychiatry, neurodegeneration, and neurometabolic disorders. Outstanding specialists from the best science and research centers in Europe, and the United States, will present their talks.

The PORT for Health Neuroscience 2023 conference will be a part of the SAME-NeuroID project funded by the Horizon Europe program. More information about the event. Registration has already started.

IB 2023 / 6-8.09.2023

Issues devoted to computational methods in neurosciences will be an excellent introduction to the event starting on September 6, in conjunction with the PORT for Health: Neuroscience conference. The 17th International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics (IB 2023) addresses topics at the intersection of computer science and life sciences, such as biomedical data mining, computational synthetic and systems biology, and data and biological visualization.

The International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics has a cyclical, international character. This year the conference will be held at Łukasiewicz – PORT in Wrocław on September 6-8. Previous editions were hosted, e.g., in Paris (France), Cambridge (Great Britain), Ghent (Belgium), Newcastle (USA), and Hangzhou (China).

More information about IB 2023. The conference will have an on-site format. Registration is in progress.

ISBRA 2023 / 9-12.10.2023

At the beginning of October, Łukasiewicz – PORT will again be dominated by bioinformatics thanks to the 19th International Symposium on Bioinformatics and Applications ISBRA 2023 (October 9-12, 2023). For nearly 20 years, this conference has been an international forum for exchanging ideas and research results between scientists, programmers, and practitioners dealing with all aspects of bioinformatics and computational biology and their applications. The meeting creates excellent conditions for the presentation and discussion about innovative methods, tools, and techniques that allow for a better understanding and analysis of biological data.

The conference will have a hybrid form. Lectures will be broadcast online. More information about ISBRA 2023. Registration of participants will start in early July.

The language of all events will be English.

We invite you!