„Development of innovative technology for personalization of polycarbonate blanks for government documents”
(acronym: LaserMark)

Project supported by the National Centre for Research and Development under the 8/2016 programme.

Total cost: 7 850 000,00 PLN (including own contribution: 1 050 000,00 PLN)
Centre Contribution: 3 359 625,00 PLN (including own contribution: 140 000,00 PLN)
Duration: 15/12/2016 – 14/12/2020

Principal Investigator: dr Tomasz Baraniecki
Project Consortium:

  1. Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S. A. – Lider Konsorcjum
  2. Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EIT+ sp.  z o. o.

The goal of this undertaking is to develop a technology for producing colour personalisation of polycarbonate identification document blanks by using lasers with different wavelengths. According to the project assumptions the target personalization will be characterised by high resolution and a broad colour gamut, simplifying identification of the holder, which will increase the degree of security of both documents and citizens. This technology assumes introducing a layer susceptible to selective colour reactions inside the identification document’s structure prior to the lamination process. The colour reactions will be activated by laser radiation with specific wavelengths. This personalisation technology will ensure the identification document’s compliance with the requirements of the following standards: ISO/IEC 7810, ISO/IEC 10373-1, ISO/IEC 24789-2, ISO/IEC 18745-1, as well as the relevant EU Directives.