„New efficient deep-UV emitters for Life Science Applications”
(acronym: DEEP-UV)

Grant Project of Foundation for Polish Science (also called TEAM TECH) funded by teh European Regional Development Fund within the framework of Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 (SG OP)
MEASURE 4.4: Increasing the guman potential in R&D sector
TEAM TECH Programme

Total cost: 3 498 858,00 PLN
EU Contribution:  3 498 858,00 PLN
Duration: 1/10/2017 – 30/09/2020

Principal Investigator: prof. dr hab. Detlef Hommel

This Team-Tech is aiming to develop the technology of efficient UV-LED emitters which can be commercialized in collaboration with our industry partner (Philips Lighting Poland) and/or via a start-up created within EIT+. Works on UV-LEDs are motivated by many applications of UV emitters including the air and water purification. According to UNESCO data, over 660 mln people have no access to clean water. This problem can be solved by cheap UV-LEDs operating in UV-C spectral range with output powers of >50 mW. The main goal contains a lot of challenges including: p-type doping of high Al content AlGaN, high quality AlGaN templates/substrates, the proper AlGaN quantum well active region, and extraction of UV light from the active region. All these challenges are addressed to this project since we are certain that with our skills and facilities at EIT+ we are able to create a very strong scientific team which will be able to reach this goal and open new field of research in Poland.