„Study of dielectric properties of thin composite layers modified by plasma for energy storage”
(acronym: ERGSTORE)

Project supported by the National Science Centre, Poland under the „MINIATURA 1” programme

Total cost: 49 280,00 PLN
Centre Contribution: 49 280,00 PLN
Duration: 08/11/2017 – 07/11/2018

Principal Investigator: dr inż Marcin Palewicz

The main goal of a project is to determine influence of surface modification procedure, carried out using low-pressure plasma equipment, on basic parameters of thin layered nanocomposite electrical energy storage devices. Also, during the project time attempts related to an integration of energy storage devices with third generation organic solar cells in laboratory scale will be taken. An expected long-term impact of the implemented project will be focused on expanding and preservation of knowledge form the area of materials science related to the electrical energy storage devices and photovoltaic sources, which could be used as an elements in scattered power plants.