POF – New polymeric solar cells: Study of the effect of polymer construction, architecture of the cell and the type dopants on the efficiency of polymer solar cells based on polyazomethines and polythiophenes.
This project is implemented under the Applied Research Program.

The leader of the consortium is the Institute of Electrical Engineering;
Members of the consortium:

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics, Division of Solid State Physics and Information Optics Department,
Warsaw University of Technology,
PAN Institute of Physics, Department of Physics and Technology of Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Nanostructures,
Polish Holographic Systems S.C.,
EIT+ Wrocław Research Centre.

For the implementation of the project “The construction of the cell module and photovoltaic test execution” within the framework of EIT+ Wrocław Research Centre is the responsibility of dr inż. Filip Granek.

Implementation deadline: 01.12.2013 – 30.11.2015
Budget: PLN 150,000.00

Under the project POF:

EIT+ Wrocław Research Centre aims to construct volume photovoltaic cells based on polymers of polyazomethin family, which are delivered by the partner of the consortium, the Institute of Electrical Engineering, as well as to create cells based on polymers from the polythiophenes family. Efforts will be made to use plasmonic nanoinclusions and interlayers of aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO), or from molybdenum trioxide MoO 3 in the architecture of cells. Research in EIT + focus on optimizing the architecture of organic solar cells and characterization of new thermally stable polymers and blends of metallic nanoparticles. Within the project the optical, structural, electrical and electro-volume measurements of organic solar cells will be carried out.