Microbiology Laboratory

Our Core Microbiology facility provides internal and external services to scientists and commercial entities. We offer a wide range of services: food and environmental microbiology, the analysis of antimicrobial activity, including anti-biofilm, drugs, and medical devices, and the production of bacterial cellulose. We have extensive experience in working with the use of normative methods as well as in creating non-standard research systems reflecting the client’s needs. We are part of the research complex of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT Polish Center for Technology Development with the most modern research equipment. Thanks to it, we can take up any microbiological challenge you set before us.

Contact: inquiries@port.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

  • The assessment of microorganism susceptibility in the planktonic form and biofilm to standard use and experimental antimicrobial means (antibiotics, antiseptics, peptides, plant derived active substances and synthetic ones) – with normative and experimental methods.
  • Microbiological purity assessment of supplied samples (medicines, medical products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, environmental samples and others).
  • Surface antimicrobial properties assessment.
  • Surface colonization assessment.
  • Preparation of samples for analysis and microorganism identification with the MALDI-TOF-MS method.
  • Testing of microbiological sterility with the direct culture method acc. to FP.
  • Assaying the number of microorganisms (bacteria and mycete) in samples.
  • Assessment of microorganism drug susceptibility.
  • Sample lyophilizing.
  • Assessment of anti-biofilm effectiveness of active dressing, antiseptics and other products using the Biofilm Oriented Antiseptic Test (B.O.A.T.) method and Antibiofilm Dressing Activity Measurement (A.D.A.M.).
  • Works with obligatory anaerobe microorganisms – selected assaying upon consulting the customer.
  • Isolation and identification of pathogens and non-pathogenic microorganisms from food, environmental and other samples.
  • Assessment of material ability to sequestration of pathogens.
  • Laminar flow cabinets SCANLAF MARS
  • Incubation shakers HT Multitron PRO
  • Centrifuge Eppendorf 5424R – 5820R
  • ThermoMixers C Eppendorf
  • LyophilizerLabconcoFreeZone
  • Ultra-low temperature freezer (-80°C) Binder
  • Incubators- including CO2 Binder incubators
  • pH-meters, analysis weighing scales
  • Spiral plater – Eddy Jet IUL
  • MEDIAJET system