„Fabrication and characteristics of new liquid-crystalline materials comprising chiralionic compounds for application in light modulators”
(acronym: CILC)

Project supported by the National Science Centre, Poland under the „SONATA 11” programme

Total cost: 278 800,00 PLN
Centre Contribution: 278 800,00 PLN
Duration: 20/01/2017 – 19/01/2019

Principal Investigator: dr inż. Maciej Czajkowski

The aim of the project is synthesis and application of new type of compounds – salt with chiral ions possessing opposite sign of twisting. The applicant assumes, that it is possible to separate chiral ions possessing opposite sign of twisting in the matrix of liquid crystal upon the DC field, which will enable to obtain wide-band reflection of light of two opposite circular polarizations, making possible to exceed 50% of reflectance of light in single layer.
The project assumes possibility of separation of chiral ions of opposite twisting sign under the direct electric field, which cause twisting of the liquid crystalline phase in two opposite directions to form helical structures reflecting the light of opposite circular polarizations. Thereby, it is possible to obtain the reflectivity of light up to 100% inside single layer.
The effect of reflection of light may be applied in light modulators, e. g. reflective displays like e-paper or smart windows. In liquid-crystalline materials doped with ionic compounds it is possible to maintain the wideband reflection even up to 7 days after ceasing of the electric field, what is especially advantageous with respect to saving of energy in this type of devices.